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Sun Bird Maxi
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KavaThreads was born to remove the "untouchable" in fine art by creating wearable canvases; using cloth infused with art to share a story.  What began as a passion for wearing art eventually grew into the mission of clothing human beings in art.  And along the way, raise my babies in a world of creative expression from the grass on up!

 I've been an artist of many mediums since I could hold a crayon, and during my adventures with a sailing gypsy family in the French West Indies I learned a technique for painting textiles using the sun's power.  I paint every piece by hand and then use sunlight to create variation and depth of color.  All block prints are carved by my husband and I, and then are also hand painted to achieve a beautiful duet of the sleek lines of block printing with the flow of hand painting.

 My designs are simply a reflection of the whorl of life.  Tapestries of journeys, music, artists, epiphanies, places and faces, the magic and the science of this magnificent universe, a good cup of coffee, a deep teary laugh...and then some...all woven into a story on cloth.

 The legendary Kava Kava, known by many names throughout the South Pacific Islands, gave rise to countless ceremonial traditions and lore.  One common thread is that this sacred plant was believed to be a gift from the Gods, and when consumed brings a state of love and peace to one's being.  My son's name is Kava, and I truly hope my art can bring even a Thread of this bliss to your heart...KavaThreads.


Design born, and reborn... sketched and re-sketched... cloth washed and dried... outline drawn freehand on cloth...
dried in sun...
hand painted with a brush and my recycled almond butter jars of paint...
dried in the sun...
if called for, repeated on the back...
dried in the sun...
block printed with our own hand carved, hand painted prints...
heat pressed to fix the paints so it can be machine washable...
washed and dried once again...
then off to market to clothe human beings in art.
Absolutely...but I love it!


Please, go ahead, throw me a line, write me a letter, sing me a song.  May our inspirations be a circle in the art of life.  My art is in constant flux, so many of these pieces are truly limited, small collections.  Catch them while you can...or send me your email and I will let you know about our next destination so we may share art and stories in person.