*the artwork shall live on, but alas this "canvas" is no longer available...so these are the last in stock.

Goddess of Truth Backless

  • The "Goddess of Truth" of ancient Egypt was always represented adorned with an ostrich feather. Here her feather is block printed and hand painted with gold highlights across your heart...reminding us of the home of our truths. This tee has an amazing sultry cut revealing the beauty of your back with a small star on lower back. Pair it with your strappy bra, bikini or camisole.

  • Hand painted and block printed on soft heather burnout fabric: 50% Rayon, 50% Polyester. Super relaxed fit tee with open scooped back held at top with thin strap. Machine wash cold, tumble dry ...or be good to mama earth and hang in the sun to dry!