Egyptian Goddess Wrap

  • A cloak to wrap the goddess in all of us...this depiction of Isis, one of the oldest and most worshipped goddesses of ancient culture is block printed and hand painted with gold highlights . She symbolizes the intuitive and courageous force of the feminine, of transformation, reproduction, and the divine patroness of nature and magic. With this artwork I hope to reclaim her name for the honor it deserves!  Worn loose and flowing or tied and hooded this piece will follow you through moonlit beach ceremonies to city nights in stilletos to cup of tea after a practice. Complete with hidden stash pocket and cherished thumbholes.

  • This versatile wrap is made of 50% polyester, 38% cotton, 12% rayon.

    Machine wash cold, tumble dry ...or if possible, be good to mama earth and hang in the sun to dry!